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Mumsnet family

In the post, which was shared to the parenting forum on November 20 under the account name 729927luc, the woman explained that her brother-in-law and sister-in-law are hosting Christmas this year.

Mumsnet – family website. The idea of the website: to create a place online where parents could swap advice about all the important things that parents usually talk about. Now,. Mumsnet draws 25,000 postings and a million hits a day. Apart from its popular chatrooms, it offers books and guides, and asks Mumsnetters to test products and interview. Parenting isn't easy, but it's made a whole lot easier when you and your partner can do it as a team, sharing responsibilities. One particular mother has been sharing her.



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A WOMAN slammed her partner for wanting to go on holiday without her, and just with his daughter. The woman explained they had been together for three years, but only saw each other once a week as.

A mortified mum has asked whether it was unreasonable for the staff at a cafe to ask her to clean up after her baby. Taken aback by the request from the "family friendly" venue, she posted on....

However, a poll on the popular discussion site found that 67 percent of 651 Mumsnet users voted that Sophie9090 is being unreasonable. A baby won't remember their first birthday, but despite.

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